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About Us

Ewa Fisher, owner and principal of fishee Designs, is an award winning Certified Interior Decorator and a Certified Ageing in Place Specialist.  We focus our business on planning and designing spaces in your home that make your lifestyle easier, more comfortable and most importantly, beautiful.  Understanding the layout of your home, the way you use it and move through it, is critical in creating a space that you love to spend time in.

Our Services


Whether you need help picking colours or figuring out how to place your furniture, we can provide you with a plan.

Drafting and Plans

Foor plans for furniture placement, kitchen and bath plans, 3D renderings -  we can help you visualize what your room will look like.

Universal Design

We design your home so it is accessible, safe and comfortable.  Age or mobility do not need to limit how your home looks.

Sourcing Furnishings

Want beautiful furniture, flooring, window coverings and lighting but don't know where to start?  We can pull it together for you.

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