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This chef style kitchen and family room overlook a lovely south facing garden.  Although the kitchen is elevated above the family room, we made the 2 rooms feel connected by continuing the cabinetry and by installing glass railings that open up the view.  The high ceiling in the family room feels lower with the new geometric light fixture that has been hung at eye level from the kitchen.  Drapes were installed at a lower height to make the family room feel more cosy but also to allow light to filter into the kitchen even when the drapes are closed.


Walnut from the wall unit in the family room was repeated in the backsplash of the beverage centre to connect the 2 spaces.


Cabinetry in the family room was extended up to the ceiling to maximize storage space but also to align with the kitchen cabinetry.  Walnut was added to the wall unit to break up the immense size of the built-in and to add softness and warmth.  Walnut shelves above the TV are uplit to accent displays.  The swivel glider chairs are the perfect fit for the room.

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